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You love him and he is your soul mate. That’s no question. But over the years, he sometimes becomes like your best friend / roommate that you love to the madness that someone you seduce every moment. To improve your crest sex, here are some tips to apply tonight.


  1. The sextos, we put it back?

At the beginning of your relationship, the sextos were firing in every direction: when you get up in the morning, when you choose your lingerie or when you take a bath. And then you lived together and the sexto stock exchange lost all its shareholders. Surprise him and send him a little message full of subtleties (or not, for that matter). Nothing prevents you from doing it if it is under the same roof. You risk however to see him come running, the underpants on the head. With the Gay Video Sex the options for enjoyment gets double.

  1. We attend while dinner is cooked

Extend your machine or watch Norman’s latest video? It can wait! Your boyfriend is here in front of you and waiting for your spinach lasagna to come out of the oven, you have plenty of time to get into a sweaty body.

  1. We Start In The Morning

Sex in the evening is so much more “practical”. But what is “practical” is not necessarily sexy (Crocs, caps with small integrated fans or k-way). So, instead of waiting to be showered and comfortably settled in your pajamas pilou, rather ride your favourite faithful steed in the morning. And then admit that the savage side ruffled goes well.

  1. Try An Adventure Together

A trip is to an unknown destination, a yoga class or an 8 hour trek in the mountains. What is important is that you are together and that you try a new experience. Nothing is better to make you want to rediscover it under the duvet once back.

  1. Change Series

Okay, “How I put your mother” is an absolutely great series that makes you want to never quit. But as a sexual stimulant, we knew better. To make you want to Netflix, we advise you to succumb to series like “Black Sails”, “Taboo” or “Vikings”. Series where the equation naked people / scenes of sex is very well respected and makes you want to be disarmed illico presto.

  1. Listen To Music That Gives Very Envy

Rather than launching an umpteenth list of acoustic tracks, why not drink from songs / playlists that make you want. The sensuality of the voice of the singer of the Kings of Leon, the enchanted electro influence of François 1st, the mysterious sexy atmosphere of Glass Animals or the charming veracity of the Toxic Avengers, you find what causes you uncontrollable guilis there- below.


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